Monday, October 27, 2008

Its a Time Machine McFly...Finally Diary Pages.

Go with me now to a crazy day in May 1993. Jurrasic Park was the must see movie of the year, the debut of the X-Files, and I was in love with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Oh and this was the year for great decision in Waco Texas and Crystal Pepsi. And Becky was 14. She helps us with her top 4 movies of the year. Click on the page to enlarge.

Now to June 1995. Friends and ER were lighting up the small screen. And I want to trade you all my pogs for a copy of Toy Story. My future Love was deeply and madly in love with Ryan Roberts...and they had their first kiss. Good for them...We have already met but I haven't made it as a journal entry yet. Interesting note...4 months from now Becky and I had our first

Now this will be the last for now but this is for my friend Bryant. He was wondering if he was ever mentioned in Becky's journal and I found a good one. Becky has started to get some doubts about her new best boyfriend and has her sights set on another. Guess's not me. Good times. I get there one of these days. Stay tuned for the continued story.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survey Archive

I am going to keep all of the past survey results here...for all you stat geeks.

Survey 1

What do you think of the shields covering the magazines in the check out isles at stores?

12 people responded

1 - Very Appropriate 2 - 16%

2 - Waste of Time 0 - 0%

3 - Get Real; Do you think that actually works? 1 - 8%

4 - It keeps the checkout clean 2 - 16%

5 - Oh No! Now I'm going to have to be a parent and talk to my children about sex! 6 - 50%

6 - That smut doesnt belong there anyway 1 - 8%

Coming Soon....Diary Pages from My Wife

What a fun week. Since my wife has been on such a HUGE Twilight kick she has been looking through her journals and diaries to try to find the exact moment when we met in high school and when she first felt the "spark". Lets just say it has been very fun to look back and remember all of the good times we shared in high school establishing our relationship. And it is fun to see how much of an emotional basket case she is. So my gift to you from all of this is a glimpse into her mind. Sure these are her personal thoughts and feelings and emotions but who cares....the statute of limitations on journals and diaries privacy runs out after 10 years! So in the coming days I will be attaching actual scanned pages directly from her diary. Woo Hoo.

Friday, October 10, 2008

You look Fabulous!!

Is it time to cut the hair or not? I usually have my hair cut pretty short and I think it is pretty long right now. Anyway, this is in response to my good pregnant friend Abi who thinks I am so sexy I need a blog just for myself. So now I have an image to how about it, cut it or keep it.

In the mean time have fun making yourself over in the virtual makeover-o-matic by clicking on this link You can waste lots of time doing stuff like this! Woo Hoo. Thank you iVillage...the largest network of resources for women.

Oh and Lizzy "really, really, really loves Ravioli". Especially for breakfast. Why, "because it's so yummy". (exact quote)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Master of Debate

I have a really hard time with the Presidential Debates. To me it is just like all of the bull crap you tell your potential boss in a job interview. For example. . . when I was in high school I was in the student senate because I was the co-founder of the bass masters club. On my resume I would say that I have Governmental experience. Anyway, when I watch the candidates debate I get the feeling that they are imbellishing their resumes just a bit. I wonder if any of them were challenged as to what they were saying as to how they would accomplish it if we would find out that their form of managing multiple tasks at once means...I used to be a dog walker. Either way my favorite part about the debate was when MC Tom Brokaw aka DJ Dynasty Handbag asked the candidates to answer yes or no to whether or not Russia is an up and coming threat. Yes or No answer was all he asked for...then Obama rattled off a huge answer...not a yes or no and McCain said Maybe followed by a huge commentary. Thanks for listening to instructions fellas. I am so excited for the next 4 years of buildup to Armageddon...Either way we are screwed. Welcome to the shortbus gentlemen. You dont get any fruitsnacks for not following directions.

So everybody but McCain and Obama get the chance to see the reviews of over 4024 snacks. Eat up chubby

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In the Beginning

Having seen the popularity of my wife's blog ( go to it now!) I have decided to start a blog of my own. I probably will not update it as frequently as she does but what I lack in quantity I will make up in quality. My idea of this whole thing is to show you all how I see things in the world and illustrate how screwed up I really am...sounds fun right. So lets get to it. Hop aboard the short bus and become a dummy. Weee

This bus does not stop for potty breaks.